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Fungal Nails Solutions

The Morrow Street Clinic now offers a fantastic new service to take care of your feet, ankles, and legs. Fungal Nails Solutions are your experts at treating fungal nail infections and understand that fungal nail infections can reduce your confidence to wearing open toe shoes and bare feet due to thickened, yellow or irregularly shaped nails. We also understand that getting rid of a fungal nail infection can be extremely difficult involving treatments that are laborious, time consuming and usually unsuccessful.

At Morrow Street Clinic, Fungal Nail Solutions is a new and innovative service specifically looking at the diagnosis and treatment of fungal nails, bringing the latest technology to Newmarket, Auckland to treat fungal nail infections. We have bought our patients the latest in fungal nail treatment which is Lunula cold laser therapy. Lunula cold laser therapy provides a simple, safe, and effective up to 87% success rate as well as being a pain-free way of treating fungal nail infections.

At Morrow Street Clinic, our clinicians here at Fungal Nail Solutions will take the time to diagnose and discuss the right treatment for you. We have comprehensive treatment packages that will be tailored to your needs. These include a combination of cold laser, micro-drilling, photodynamic therapy, topical, oral and surgical options.

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