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+ - How do I book for appointments?

You can book your appointments online at click here or by ringing at 0800255327

+ - How do I cancel my appointments?

You can do it the same way you book online at Click here or replaying the booking email.

+ - What other services does All Ear Clinic provide apart from ear suctions?

We provide wide number of services including ear wick insertion, treatment of infected ear as we can swab and prescribe medications. We also have doctors who can treat simple ear, nose and throat issues. We can also refer you to an ENT Specialist.

+ - Can I get my insurance to pay for the treatment?

We are affiliated to Southern Cross so we can handle easy claim from Southern Cross patients

+ - Do I need to prepare prior to coming in for ear suctions?

U can put a few drops of extra virgin olive oil into the ear while lying on the side with the ear canal facing upward, massage the ear tragus to let the oil spread to the rest of canal. In severe impacted wax, it’s best to do this daily for at least 7 days

+ - What is ear wax?

Ear wax, known cerumen, is produced inside your ears in glands at the base of the tympanic membrane (ear drum) to keep them clean and free of germs. It usually passes out of the ears harmlessly aided by chewing and jaw movement.

+ - Is ear wax a bad or good thing?

Ear wax protects the skin of the human ear canal, assists in cleaning and lubrication, and also provides some protection from bacteria, fungi, insects and water. So, in fact, ear wax can be a good thing. However, for some whose ears produce a larger amount of wax, ear wax remains in the ear canal which will become blocked, which leads to them having reduced hearing ability and also a blocked feeling in the ear and often, tinnitus and ear infections.

+ - Can I put off having my ear wax removed?

That’s not really a good idea. A build-up of excessive ear wax will often lead to increasing pain, severe loss of hearing, headaches, numbness down the side of the face and neck, tinnitus and sometimes a nasty infection.

+ - If I have my wax removed will I just produce more to compensate?

No because we leave a natural layer of ear wax around the ear canal so your body doesn’t get busy making more ear wax.

+ - What happens if it’s not wax and you notice something in my ear?

Assuming it’s not something easily removed like a broken off cotton bud or an insect we will refer you to your GP who may then refer you in turn to an ENT specialist.

+ - What can I expect after my visit?

A minority of patients experience a mild amount of discomfort, or even a little pain. This is entirely normal. Some patients experience short term dizziness due to the cold air from the suction

+ - Ringing in the ear may be experienced with the noise of the suction - this is usually very temporary.

Touching the ear canal may cause coughing - this is due to a cough reflex in the canal and is very temporary and ceases once treatment has been completed. Sometimes a repeat visit may be required if all the wax is unable to be removed at the initial visit.

+ - Is it a good idea to use cotton buds?

No - cotton bud use is not recommended at any time to clean ears. Nothing smaller than your elbow should be put in your ears.

+ - Then how do I clean my ears?

It is recommended to get your ears cleaned professionally, i.e. microsuction, as it is important that your ear can be properly looked inside throughout the procedure. Otherwise, damage to the ear canal may occur.

+ - My ears are itchy - what should I do?

Wax in the ear canals can cause this. It is a good idea to get your ears checked for wax. Removal of the wax will help. Installation of cooking oil (such as olive oil) can also assist in itchiness as often the irritation is caused by dryness inside the ear canal. Mild hydrocortisone creams are available at the chemist for itchy skin.Talk to your GP about using a steroid drop into your ears if itchiness persists on a regular basis.

+ - My ears feel blocked even though there is no wax - why is this?

A blocked ear without wax can mean that your sinus tract, which is connected to your ear, is inflamed. You may notice this feeling frequently if you have hay fever or other allergies, or even if you have a cold. Nasal sprays/antihistamines can be used to assist in the drying-out of your sinus passages, and they also help relieve the blocked feeling. Good nose blowing is also important to get rid of the excess mucus.

+ - How can I stop wax build up?

Wax build up is hereditary, therefore you are unable to change the amount of wax you produce. The occasional installation of oil will soften the wax, and at the Ear Hygiene Clinic we make sure our clients with frequent wax build up are seen by our nurses on a regular basis.

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